New Guest Bathroom

guest bathroom remodel
Sparta bathroom
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New Sheetrock, doors and carpet
New Guest Bathroom Framing
New Guest Bathroom Framing
New Guest Bathroom Framing
Guest Bath Layout

Unused attic space transformed into an almost completed country chic guest bathroom.  Aside from the numerous journeys up and down the mammoth stairs this project was a lot of fun. I'm nearly 50 so the exercise did me well. 

Couldn't ask for a nicer family to work for. Really going to miss the warm greetings, nice treats supplied by generous souls, and taking a break from the miter saw to play catch with little guy in the driveway.

Old school black and white tile floors to accordion shower glass doors, this project really came together in a surprisingly spacious 6'x7'space.

Thanks to New Millennium Electric, Larry Allen Contracting, Blue Ridge Lumber-Ogdensburg for doing an outstanding job navigating the electrical and plumbing, as well as supplying the materials that tied everything together!  Great companies all headed by good guys who take pride in their work. 

Next stop.... Maxie Lane, Sparta NJ where we'll be demoing a wall in order to create a combination mudroom/pool way station/kid's hobby nook! 

rendering sparta remodel