A Multipurpose Country Style Room For All Seasons

country style mud room
cubby locker with wanescotting
Built-in Cubby Locker and Oak Bench
3-Piece Coffee Table From A Single Oak Slab
detail plans for building department
room remodeling
Cubby Locker Under Construction
new hardwood floor
hardwood floor refinishing

This multi-functional room is going to make things easier for one lucky mom.  Now the kids have somewhere to hang their towels and scandals after a long day in the pool.  Come winter, coats, shoes and boots go directily in their cubby.  No more shoes in this house!  Or at least that's the plan. 

We took out a wall dividing a tight hallway and an awkward office which opened up the space to a multitude of possibilities.

Demolition of the wall did create a gap in the hardwood floor that was addressed by feathering in new 3 1/2 in. red oak hardwood floors.  Pure white wanescotting on the walls and cubby benches unified the room's style and offered a nice contrast to the refinished oak floors.  We got a little adventurous with the cubby benches, which were both cut and shaped from a single 12 ft. oak slab. 

Last but not least, the clients wanted a one of a kind coffee table that would tie it all together.  Thanks to Bill Wieghtman and New Millennium Electric for another outstanding lighting job.